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Add a Clock to Your Profile

Can I have a clock on my profile page?

StumbleUpon does not provide a local-time clock for profiles. But a dynamic clock image or weather station image served elsewhere can be included in the About Me area. Two popular sources are Escati and Weather Underground. This tutorial describes adding and configuring the Escati clock. Here's what it looks like in the About Me area of a profile:

clock example

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To insert the clock:

Copy and paste the following HTML into your About Me:

<img src="

warning:  In some circumstances HTML markup in the About Me field can cause the Blog page and/or the Prefs page of your profile to appear mangled. The "My profile page is broken" item, below, describes how to fix this problem.

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Changing the clock settings (time and colour)

You can change the time to suit your local time, here:


Simply change this code to read the correct GMT +/- for your timezone, eg: Rio de Janeiro = GMT-0300,   Helsinki = GMT+0300

You can also change the colour of the clock, here: <.......&srgb=00ff00.....>

Many web-based color choosers exist to help find a hexadecimal colour code that's compatible with your profile colour theme.

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My profile page is broken

The About Me field is sensitive to incorrect, incomplete or truncated HTML code. Saving malformed HTML in that field can, in some browsers, mangle the Prefs page of your profile such that you cannot save changes. If this occurs, use the Reset About Me utility to clear the field. Unintentionally mangling page layout via HTML in the About Me area is also known as having "Marzau'd the profile"—named after the stumbler who discovered the phenomenon.

The problem frequently occurs when a long HTML tag is pasted into the About Me field and when, upon being saved, that tag is truncated at the 1000-character limit for the field. Note that the prototype image tag in the "To insert the clock" item, above, contains 116 characters.

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Advanced users

The original clock source is here:

The clock itself is located here:

The clock is available in a variety of appearances. Experiences thus far suggest you would do well to avoid those which use Border or Reload parameters.

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The clock is not displaying

The clock occasionally goes offline for maintenance. We have no control over this.

Check this website:

If their clocks are down too, it is a problem with the clock server. If not, the error may lie with your clock code.

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